Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Small Sneak Peek From Chapter 13!

“You better not be talking about Angerona or so help me gods I will tear you limb from limb. I will enjoy bathing in your entrails and enjoy watching your blood as it stains the stone floor red!” Alexis all but shrieked at the two Lycki before her.

She could not believe what her ears just heard and she prayed to all the gods in heaven it was not so. If either of these Lycki laid one hand her friend, she was going to remove them. Angerona hated crowds and hated being touched even worse. To put her in that kind of situation where she had to be around large groups of people for long periods of time was pure torture and Alexis would not stand for it. The sheer thoughts of it all finally broke her placid mask and she let her anger finally show.

Alex and Cedric both had to keep from flinching as her shrieking voice hurt their sensitive ears. How any woman could scream that high was beyond him and he had to really concentrate not to loose his temper. The woman was getting on his last nerve and had just about enough of her.

“Cedric you may have to take over. I don’t think I have much more patience left for her,” Alex said to his friend before he looked back over at the hunter. “Yes, I do mean Angerona. I offered her work here at my club because of some Rogues tonight and I want to make sure she is well protected. Obviously you know nothing of how dangerous Rogues can be.”

“Bullshit! We have always protected Angie just fine and we need no help from you. Now. Let. Us. Go.” Alexis said coolly.

Alexander felt his Lycki inside him growl and he decided to take his sunglasses off. He slowly reached up and removed them. Revealing his two toned eye color. One eye was a green and the other was blue. Alex wanted the woman to see his emotions clearly before he began speaking again.

“Angerona is no longer under your care hunter. I would advise getting use to that.” He said on a soft, deadly whisper.

Alexis sat up straight when she saw the color of his eyes and gasped. This Lycki was no ordinary Pure and a cold shiver ran down her spine. The man standing there was from an old royal lineage that all the League hunters thought had died out during the fall of Rome. His eyes and hair color were a dead give away. She should have known the moment he walked into the club who and what he was. Alexis felt her stomach churn at the knowledge and barely heard what the one named Cedric said.

New Page Added

I am going to go through the massive task of drawing up bios for each character that is listed on the new page. Mind you, there is several minor and semi-major characters in the first book. Also, the bios are not on the top of my list to do. So, those might get done for a while yet, but who knows. They may eventually get done and you can always just take a peek every once in a while to see if anything new is up. Enjoy the new page and layout!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Some Random One Liners

"Why must you torture me creator? That woman..." - Alexander

**Why must you whine so Alex?

"I do not whine. I complain. Get it right!" - Alexander

**Whatever. Sounds like whining to me.

"I do not get you woman! Do you get pleasure from all of this?" - Alexander


"Figures." - Alexander

**But, you know you still love me Alex! No come give your creator a kiss!

"Fuck no!" - Alexander

**Aww... Alex ran off. ;-;